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Native-American writers. Thee Modern English Collection - Electronic Text Center
Abbott, Jacob - Ah-nen-la-de-ni [La France, Daniel] - Alexander, Hartley - Austin review: Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936 - Austin, Mary - Austin, Mary: Review: Anonymous - Brooks, Elbridge S. - Brooks, Elbridge Streeter, 1846-1902. - Brooks, Noah - Calamity Jane (pseud. Marthy Cannary Burk) - Carl...
Medieval Castilian Drama: A Bibliography
Alborg, Juan Luis. Historia de la literatura española, Alfonso X el Sabio. Primera Partida. Allegri, Luigi. "La idea de teatro en la Edad Media." Alonso Cortés, Narciso. "El teatro en Valladolid." Alonso, Ponga. Religiosidad popular navideña en Castilla y León. Manifestaciones de carácter dramát...
Jones, Sir William (quotation)
From: Familiar Quotations: a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature by John Bartlett. Project Bartleby. Citas. Citacions.
Dorchester Publishing
Online Romance Novels/Western Novels. In addition to the Romances and Westerns for which we are known, there are Technothrillers, Suspense novels and some of the best new Horror being published. Romance, western, horror. Victoria Alexander, Jennifer Archer, Roxie Ashe, Amanda Ashley, Anne Avery,...
Term Papers, Essays, Book Reports - On Literature & More!
Choose ANY author or story..! term papers, essays, & book reports. African, british, english, irish, scottish, american, russian, french, greek, roman, ancient, classic literature, sir gawain, green knight, beowulf, Abelard Achebe Chinuah Albee Ed Alexie Sherman Alger Horatio Anderson Sherwo...
Sacontala - Translated by William Jones
478. Epigram. Sir William Jones. The Oxford Book of English Verse